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10 Unique Bridal Party Entrances

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Surprise wedding guests with a creative and grand entrance by the bridal party, rather than a traditional walk or dance into the reception hall. Changing this tradition will showcase the bridal party’s personality. However you choose to enter, ensure that the couple is on board with the ideas. Remember to never take the attention away from the newlyweds!

So, make it funny, dramatic, or glamorous and get the party started!


Recently, I was at a wedding and the groom LOVED to watch wrestling as a child. His groomsmen recreated one of his favourite wrestlers, Stone Cold Steve Austin's routine before every match. A special memory that the couple shares with their bridal party is a wonderful and personal dedication to the happy couple.


From country to fairy tales there are endless possibilities for wedding themes. The theme can be incorporated into the entrance, simply add a cowboy hat and boots or fully dress up like character from a movie.

Dance off!

Nothing gets a party started quite like a dance off. Gather the bridal party on the centre of the dance floor and have your two best dancers battle. Don’t drag it out for too long though, there’ll be plenty of time to dance later with all of the guests.

Use what the venue has

Sometimes taking a classic entrance can be elevated by simply using the venue. W Event Boutique collaborates with Soundscape Entertainment to offer incredible visual effects, the best music, and the most amazing lighting design that your guests have ever seen!

Views from the Soundscape Inc booth at W Event Boutique

No entrance at all

Switch things up a bit and have the focus be on the newlyweds by having the bridesmaids and groomsmen not make an entrance at all! Have them hide around the room and when the couple enters have the bridal party run onto the dance floor.

Sports team

If the couple has a favourite sports team, the bridal party could be announced as if they were players from that team. Once everyone has been announced they could join in a huddle in the centre of the dance floor.

Choreographed dance

If there are some great dancers in the bridal party, start the reception with a short dance by some of the most important people to the newlyweds. Keep it simple or go all out, just make sure that everyone in the bridal party is excited to dance! If you need to, get some help with the choreography from a local dance studio for example, The Woodbridge School of Dance.

Movie references

There are many amazing scenes from movies that could be recreated as the bridal party enters the hall. If the couple loves musicals like Grease, do the hand jive or if they love sci-fi movies like Star Wars, get a few lightsabers!


If you have a room filled with friends and family that like to party, ditch the bouquets for a drink and have a few shots waiting for the bridal party at the bar. It’s a simple addition to the walk in but it sets the mood for a night full of fun!

Pretend paparazzi

Leave a couple of disposable cameras on each table and have the DJ instruct your guests to snap a few pictures as the bridal party walks in. Roll out the red carpet, pose and smile for the cameras as flashes go off. It’s a simple way to elevate an entrance. Find a great DJ who will really get the guests to participate for example: Magic Moments DJ Entertainment!


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