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COVID, Cancellations & Coping

Here are some tips on how to cope if your wedding was affected by COVID-19.

The world and life as we know it has been drastically impacted by the COVID-19 global pandemic - and so has the wedding industry. If your wedding has been affected by the coronavirus in any way, here are a few pieces of advice that can help you cope with this unprecedented challenge:

Cancel or Postpone?

Many 2020 wedding dates have come and gone without a wedding celebration due to COVID-19. It is uncertain when large gatherings will be allowed to resume. If your date is on the 2020 calendar, you're most likely contemplating postponing or cancelling altogether. If you have your deposits, speak with your vendors to get a better understanding of when and how they will work with you to postpone your wedding. It is ultimately your decision of how comfortable you feel of when to postpone or to cancel indefinitely. During this difficult time, most vendors will be happy to work with you to ease this stress and keep you as a client for when your wedding day comes, and rest assured, it will come!

The Guest List

If you are postponing or cancelling your wedding, and have already sent out save the dates or invitations, get in contact with your guests ASAP. Reach out to your friends and family that would be coming from out of town first, so they can adjust their travel plans for when it is safe to travel.

Summer and Fall Weddings

Ultimately, this is unknown at the moment, especially with the anticipation of a second COVID-19 wave, according to Public Health. Many vendors are considering postponing summer and fall events. Although you should stay hopeful, it's important to stay informed and most of all stay safe. Follow the instruction of our Government as well as advice from your venue.

2021 Wedding Dates

For now, this too is unknown. Keep your date and stay in contact with every vendor involved to stay up to date. Communication is imperative. If you are thinking to start planning for a 2021 wedding, the couples who have already been affected will likely need to be accommodated and rescheduled first, which is something to keep in mind. If your first-choice vendors are booked up, think outside the box! Perhaps there are other ways to spruce up your party that you didn't initially consider.

Your Day Will Come!

Though it is uncertain when it will be, your wedding day will come and it will be amazing! The most important thing to focus on right now is your safety and the well-being of your guests. You want your family and friends to enjoy this day with ease and not feel concerned the entire time about their health. It might be a blessing in disguise to wait it out. When this is over, you can throw the wedding of your dreams and enjoy it with everyone you love.


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