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Bold Colours on a Blank Canvas

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Anya Bortnik is the owner and lead planner of La Chic Soiree, an event planning and styling company for all luxury events. Recently, Anya was the mastermind behind a photoshoot for The Bridal Affair Magazine. She chose W Event Boutique’s clean space because it allowed her to showcase bold colours for a modern and more daring bride. “I wanted to do something very sleek with those vibrant colours and bright florals," Bortnik explained, "That’s why I chose this event space, W very much has that modern look."

For weddings, it is more common for people to decorate a space using soft colours, this shoot showcases how to use a more vibrant colour palette in a modern way. “I love working with black, and the gold tones make it sleek and sexy,” Bortnik elaborated, “It can look beautiful and very elegant. It’s not as dark and intense as they think it might look.”

This Bridal Affair Magazine shoot was aimed to be unconventional using many vibrant florals accompanied by modern pieces, making a wedding one that stands out among the rest in the most beautiful way. “Brides can see if you do something bright for your wedding it just makes the room so vibrant and bold, and pairs really well with black, gold and those sleek pieces,” Bortnik said, “For example, the dessert bar had stripes that went down on the bar and onto the floor. So that's something different that you can show brides.” When shooting an editorial as unique as this one, having natural light is very important, and at W, there is plenty! As W is a blank canvas, the open space and modernity fit very well with the styling of this photoshoot. It allowed Anya's unique colour story to shine through in this magazine feature while also showing how using these colours can transform a wedding venue.

In every part of this shoot, little details complemented this trendy and edgy theme, including the place settings that has the perfect balance of rich black, gold and a pop of fuchsia. While it was still a wedding dress, even the bride was wearing a black gown while holding a cascading bouquet, “The sexy cut out dress with really big slits kind of go with the look of the decor,” Bortnik said.

In Bortnik’s opinion, you could style any event at W, using any theme and colour palette the space can be transformed into absolutely anything. “It's easy to work with space, and because it is so neutral it’s a really big bonus for whenever I show to clients,” she said. From modern to rustic chic and baby shower to wedding, W Event Boutique can be styled to showcase every client’s individual vision for their event.

Read more about this boldly coloured photoshoot in The Bridal Affair click here.

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