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Cirque du Simone

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

It's not often that W Event Boutique has trapeze artists hanging from the ceiling as guests celebrate and danced the night away. This circus-themed sweet 16 was complete with glitter and glamour for Simone's special birthday. An upscale circus began as guests walked through a golden gate entrance and found our ceiling decorated with an array of hot air balloons, umbrellas, purple up-lighting, and trendy photo booth with decorative masks. Delicious circus-themed treats and live performers towering over the guests. Cirque Du Simone was party-planning perfection. We had to catch up with Ravi at R5 Events, the event planner, to discuss this incredible party:

W: What inspired the Cirque du Simone theme?

R5 Events: This is the clients' 3rd sweet 16 with us and so they wanted to do something different/funky that we haven't done yet. After several ideas were thrown around, we decide on a cirque theme, but more 1700's circus. Hence the Hot air balloons, umbrellas, and golden gates. We used live entertainers as part of the decor as well with roaming stilt walkers/jugglers, and ambient cirque contortionists. Cirque Du Simone was then a very fitting name for the event.

W: Why did you choose W Event Boutique to host this event?

R5 Events: We wanted a local venue that was different. Having the outdoor patio was a great bonus for the adults as well. It was a pleasure working there. This blank canvas is what allowed us to execute our theme down to the little details.

The unique, fun filled live entertainment and whimsical decor creates the perfect party atmosphere. Simone's sweet 16 is one to remember, each playful detail was curated by R5 Event Design.

For more information on R5 Event Design, click here:


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