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On Cloud 9

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

One of the most incredible events W Event Boutique has had the privilege to host was Amy and Lui's 50th Birthday party. For a lot of people, their milestone 50th birthday is a time of reflection. We tend to look back on the years of our life and relish in all that we have accomplished. Perhaps, the biggest accomplishment of all is the love and happiness that fills our lives through our children, family, and friends. For this husband and wife, that couldn't be more true. Filling W Event Boutique with their family and friends had them on cloud 9.

On Cloud 9 is an old saying that often describes a state of bliss, elation, or happiness. So, it only made sense that the decor for this event followed suit. Amy and Lui's cloud-themed birthday was a collaboration between two of the biggest names in the Southern Ontario wedding industry. Ed Spano, co-owner at Seventh Heaven, was the visionary behind the design and he collaborated with Alex, owner of WeBalloonz, to execute it. We sat down with both of them to learn more about this astonishing set-up:

W: What inspired this amazing design?

Ed Spano, Seventh Heaven: Amy loves the look of balloons as decor. She asked me for a wow factor.  I envisioned something bigger than my imagination could picture. After that, it was a matter of getting the right person to put it together - that's when I called WeBalloonz. Once Alex [at WeBalloonz] worked her magic, the rest of the design and decor followed suit.

W: Alex, was this display difficult to create?

Alex, WeBalloonz: It was definitely a challenge for us! That was the first time we worked on an installation of this magnitude. With research, preparation, and extra bodies, it still took 18 hours to complete. We will always remember the tremendous help provided by Ed and Adel [at Soundscape Inc.] - they were with us until the very end!

W: What is your favourite part about creating a balloon display at W?

Alex, We Balloonz: Not only is the venue beautiful, modern, and cozy, but the folks at W are always very professional, helpful and friendly. The venue itself allows us to install different kinds of balloon arrangements. From covering the entire ceiling, to installing a balloon garland on the stairs, or making an amazing organic balloon tower in one of the corners of the space. We even love to fill out giant marquee letters with organic balloon displays - the design and creative possibilities at W Event Boutique are endless.

W: Ed, I understand Seventh Heaven catered Amy & Lui's 50th. What are some of the most important aspects about catering an event and meeting client needs?

Ed, Seventh Heaven: Knowing who the client is and understanding their expectations is important to us at Seventh Heaven - that, and delectable food! We allow our clients to express their preferences, however, we also love to make suggestions of food items that pair well with the theme! Oftentimes, we tailor design menu items to the theme of the event which really executes the design.

Amy and Lui's On Cloud 9 50th birthday party was a success, as proven by a full dance floor until closing time!

For more information on Seventh Heaven, visit:

To learn more about WeBalloonz, visit:


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