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It’s All Gucci

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Rita Al-Shaikh, creative director at Simply Sienna [and creative curator of Masion De Sienna], felt W Event Boutique was the perfect place to hold a Gucci inspired confirmation. The confirmation included a gold, black, red and green color scheme. The napkins were black with green and red stripes in the front and had brooches with the Gucci logo on them. The lavish balloons were white, gold and black.

Al-Shaikh said, “We stuck with the GG branding and we did use a lot of black, we did use a classic green with the napkins wrap the little tiny broches were used as napkin pins.”

The inspiration behind the event was the Gucci brand and a young teenage boy Al-Shaikh said, “My client's son has a love of all things designer - especially Gucci. He loves the symbol and everything it embodies. So the theme was something that was important to him.“ Rita wanted the event to be tailored for a young man, “I really wanted to make the theme masculine and subtle. I didn't want it to be over-the-top with Gucci."

Simply Sienna Events chose W Event Boutique as the venue for the communion because of the fact that it has a neutral aesthetic. “I love the clean, industrial, but little bit glamorous feel. It really enables you as a designer to do whatever is it you want because of the fact there isn’t really a color scheme that you are tied to," Rita continued, “It’s a little bit modern but at the same time it gives off a little bit of a rustic feel with the exposed brick and concrete floor. I just loved how versatile W is.”

Learn more about Simply Sienna here:

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